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January 15 - Martin Luther King, Jr, born in Atlanta, Georgia
October 9 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt promises equal opportunities in military
May 1 - A. Philip Randolph calls for one hundred thousand blacks to march on Washington, D.C.
May 18 - King’s grandmother dies; family moves
June 25 - President Roosevelt establishes the Fair Employment Practices Committee
June 20 - Detroit race riot erupts at Belle Isle amusement park
April 17 - King delivers the speech “The Negro and the Constitution”
June 12 - Smith v. Allright
September 20 - King begins freshman year
April 1 - The Supreme Court declares the white primary in Georgia unconstitutional
June 3 - The U.S. Supreme Courts rules that segregation in interstate bus travel is unconstitutional
December 5 - Truman establishes the President’s Committee on Civil Rights
October 29 - Committee on Civil Rights issues report
February 25 - King is ordained at Ebenezer Baptist Church
June 8 - King graduates from Morehouse College with a Bachelor of Arts degree
July 14 - Delegates walk out of the Democratic National Convention
July 26 - Truman desegregates U.S. Armed Forces
September 14 - King enters Crozer Theological Seminary
May 16 - Briggs v. Elliot
June 5 - The U.S. Supreme court declares racially segregated facilities for graduate schools unconstitutional
August 24 - Edith Sampson becomes first black delegate to UN
May 8 - King receives Bachelor of Divinity degree from Crozer Theological Seminary
July 12 - Riot erupts against Black residents in Cicero, Illinois
September 13 - King enters Boston University’s School of Theology
January 1 - Coretta and Martin meet in Boston
March 16 - King preaches at Ebenezer’s 65th anniversary service
June 27 - Congress passes the Immigration and Naturalization Act
November 2 - King receives Alumni Achievement Award from Crozer Theological Seminary
November 10 - Supreme Court upholds ban on segregation on the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad
December 9 - U.S. Supreme Court begins hearing school desegregation cases
June 18 - King and Coretta Scott are married
January 24 - King delivers trial sermon at Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama
February 28 - King delivers trial sermon at Second Baptist Church
April 14 - King accepts call to Dexter’s pastorate
May 2 - King delivers his first sermon as Dexter Avenue Baptist Church’s new minister
May 17 - The U.S. Supreme Court declares racial segregation in public schools unconstitutional
June 10 - Southern governors vow to defy the Supreme Court’s Brown v. Board of Education ruling
July 11 - First White Citizen’s Council is created
August 7 - Charles Mahoney confirmed as delegate to the UN
September 7 - Desegregation begins in Baltimore and Washington, D.C.
October 30 - Army units fully integrated
October 31 - King installed as pastor of Dexter
December 11 - Bunche begins first African-American Nobel Prize recipient
January 23 - King denounces apathy among church leaders in Birmingham NAACP talk
March 2 - Claudette Colvin arrested in Montgomery, Alabama, for refusing to move to the back of the bus
May 24 - The Little Rock School Board votes on a proposed timeline for desegregating public schools
June 5 - King receives a doctorate in Systematic Theology from Boston University
July 14 - Brown v. Board Ruling Impacts Bus Segregation
August 28 - Emmett Till murdered
September 21 - Emmett Till’s murderers are identified in court
October 15 - Montgomery girl refuses to yield seat
November 7 - Supreme Court that segregation in public recreational facilities is unconstitutional
November 17 - Yolanda Denise King is born.
December 1 - Rosa Parks is arrested
December 2 - Women’s Political Council calls for bus boycott in Montgomery
December 5 - Montgomery Improvement Association takes shape to coordinate boycott
December 9 - Bus company cuts service to black districts
December 12 - Leaders announce carpool; boycott compared to Gandhian movement
December 17 - King and other MIA representatives meet with white leaders
December 30 - Montgomery mayor urges citizens to ride buses
January 3 - Montgomery bus company recommends doubling of fares
January 11 - Police Commissioner Sellers initiates investigation of bus boycott
January 12 - MIA board prolongs boycott indefinitely
January 24 - Mayor urges whites to stop driving black workers
January 27 - King receives a threatening phone call
January 28 - King fined for speeding
January 30 - King’s house is bombed
January 31 - King and four other leaders meet with Alabama governor.
February 1 - Gray files petition for Browder v. Gayle case
February 6 - Students riot at the University of Alabama
February 13 - Judge directs grand jury to determine if boycott is legal
February 20 - Proposal does not meet MIA demands
February 22 - Boycott leaders indicted and released on bail
February 23 - King pleads guilty to speeding charge
February 24 - MIA leaders plead not guilty to boycott-related charges
March 6 - Alabama legislators introduce racial segregation bills
March 8 - Gray and Langford amend Browder v. Gayle
March 12 - Members of Congress issue “Southern Manifesto”
March 13 - Alabama governor urges boycott settlement
March 14 - Eisenhower calls for bi-racial meeting of southern leaders
March 20 - Prosecution continues case against King.
March 27 - Alabama Attorney General files motion to dismiss Browder suit
March 30 - King announces block-by-block voter registration campaign
April 3 - Montgomery buses reduce service
April 23 - Supreme Court affirms appellate court’s ruling on bus segregation
April 24 - Montgomery mayor refuses to enforce Supreme Court’s ruling
April 25 - National City Lines announces support for drivers
April 26 - Unanimous vote to continue boycott
April 27 - Meeting fails to produce solution
May 1 - City officials ask court for injunction against bus company
May 2 - Attorneys request dismissal of city’s bill of complaint against the bus company.
May 9 - Circuit Court Judge rules segregation laws constitutional
May 11 - District Court hears Browder v. Gayle case
May 24 - Twenty thousand attend civil rights rally at Madison Square Garden
May 28 - Florida A&M students launch bus boycott
May 29 - Florida A&M bus boycott spreads to Tallahassee
June 1 - Alabama bans NAACP
June 4 - Tallahassee City Transit suspends service in black districts
June 5 - U.S. District Court panel rules on Browder v Gayle case
June 21 - City commission to appeal to Supreme Court
June 26 - King proposes student boycott
June 28 - Alabama asks Supreme Court to reverse district court’s decision
June 29 - Bus company lays off 21 drivers
July 11 - White policeman refuses passage to King
July 12 - Attorney General subpoenas King
July 25 - Judge fines Alabama NAACP
July 26 - MIA board agrees to wait for full Supreme Court to convene on Browder case
August 11 - King testifies before Democratic National Convention then speaks in Buffalo and receives award
August 13 - Alabama Supreme Court denies Alabama NAACP’s request
August 25 - The home of Robert Graetz is bombed
August 27 - Black Montgomery civic organizations ask Eisenhower for federal investigation
August 30 - Riots after enrollment of African-American high school children in Texas
September 18 - MIA executive board agrees to seek federal protection
September 25 - MIA committee meets to consider how to reconcile with white community
September 27 - King denied service in Atlanta restaurant
October 1 - MIA holds mass meeting including training in nonviolence
October 20 - Tallahassee citizens convicted for aiding boycotters
October 29 - King announces boycott will continue due to possible court injunction against carpool
November 1 - Boycott leaders petition District Court to block injunction
November 2 - MIA petition refused
November 4 - King preaches at Dexter
November 14 - Carpool injunction upheld, boycott voted to continue until court mandate arrives
November 15 - U.S. Supreme Court rules that bus segregation laws are unconstitutional
December 10 - US Attorney General calls for “voluntary compliance” with Supreme Court’s ruling
December 21 - Montgomery City Lines resumes full bus service
December 23 - King’s home attacked in the aftermath of bus desegregation
December 25 - Shuttlesworth’s home bombed
December 26 - Snipers target buses in Montgomery, Birmingham attempts to desegregate buses
December 29 - City halts after-dark bus service after shootings
January 10 - Racists bomb black churches in Montgomery
January 11 - SCLC is founded
January 23 - Black resident of Montgomery forced by Klan to jump to his death from bridge
February 14 - King is elected president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference
February 18 - King is honored on Time Magazine cover
March 6 - King celebrates Ghana’s independence from Great Britain
April 7 - King Jr.’s sermon “The Birth of a New Nation” delivered in Montgomery, Alabama
May 17 - King addresses crowd of twenty thousand at the Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom in Washington, D.C.
July 18 - King delivers opening prayer for that evening’s revival during Billy Graham’s ten-week evangelical
August 29 - Civil Rights Act of 1957 signed
September 4 - Arkansas National Guard prevents black students from entering school
September 23 - Little Rock nine enter high school
September 25 - King applauds President Eisenhower’s decision to send federal troops to Little Rock
October 2 - King delivers speech at workers’ conference
November 7 - King preaches “Loving Your Enemies”
January 28 - Congressman Powell charges President Eisenhower with indifference to civil rights
May 27 - Ernest Green becomes the first African-American to graduate from Little Rock Central High School
June 23 - King meets with Eisenhower
June 29 - Reverend Fred Shuttlesworth’s Bethel Street Baptist Church is bombed
July 19 - Lunch counter sit-ins begin in Wichita, Kansas
September 3 - King is arrested for loitering
September 5 - King is convicted of disobeying a police order
September 17 - King’s first book is published
September 20 - King is stabbed in Harlem department store
October 25 - Youth March for Integrated Schools in Washington
February 3 - King goes to India
February 10 - King party has dinner with Prime Minister Nehru
May 19 - Public access to the Atlanta Public Library is integrated
October 8 - King preaches at D.C. church’s Men’s Day
December 28 - King and Wilkins plans for voter registration campaign
January 11 - Georgia Governor withholds education funding
February 1 - The Greensboro Four sit at a Woolworth’s lunch counter reserved for white customers
February 9 - Bomb explodes at home of Carlotta Walls
February 17 - King is arrested and charged with falsifying his 1956 and 1958 Alabama state income tax returns
February 27 - 82 protesters arrested in protest against segregated Nashville stores
February 29 - Alabama Governor warns students at state capitol protest
March 1 - Students stage protest against segregation at Montgomery capitol building
March 2 - 60 students arrested at Nashville bus station protest
March 6 - 800 African-Americans march toward Alabama state capitol building
March 15 - Committee on Appeal for Human Rights holds first sit-in
March 16 - San Antonio integrates lunch counters
March 30 - Marshall police break up lunch counter sit-in
April 19 - The home of African-American lawyer and city councilman Z. Alexander Looby is bombed
April 24 - A major race riot develops when black citizens visit the whites-only section of Biloxi Beach
April 25 - Tennessee’s federal court removes restrictions on black voting
April 26 - Reverend Theodore Roosevelt Thompson stages a one-man sit-in in Dallas
May 6 - President Dwight Eisenhower signs the Civil Rights Act of 1960
May 10 - Nashville stores desegregate lunch counters
May 28 - King is acquitted of tax evasion by an all-white jury in Montgomery, Alabama
June 9 - King and Randolph announce plans for the March on the Conventions Movement for Freedom Now
June 23 - King discusses civil rights with presidential candidate Senator John F. Kennedy
July 10 - Martin Luther King and A. Philip Randolph lead protest against Democratic party in Los Angeles
July 25 - Greensboro lunch counters desegregated
July 28 - King advocates political nonpartisanship
October 17 - Woolworth, Grant, Kress, and McCrory-McClellan integrate lunch counters
October 19 - King is arrested at Atlanta sit-in
October 26 - Robert Kennedy calls Georgia Governor S. Ernest Vandiver and Judge Oscar Mitchell seeking King’s re
October 27 - King is released from Reidsville, Georgia, state prison
November 8 - Kennedy wins close Presidential election, receiving strong support from black voters
November 14 - Ruby Nell Bridges becomes first African-American child to attend William Frantz Elementary School
November 16 - New Orleans demonstrators protest against school integration
December 5 - U.S. Supreme Court rules segregation in interstate bus terminal restaurants unconstitutional
January 9 - Charlayne Hunter and Hamilton Holmes integrate University of Georgia
January 12 - President Eisenhower says discrimination is morally wrong
February 6 - Rock Hill demonstrators arrested; decide to remain in jail
March 7 - Atlanta city officials agree to integrate lunch counters
March 28 - Police clear out 100 black demonstrators from Jacson courthouse
May 4 - The Freedom Riders leave Washington, D.C. to challenge segregated travel facilities in the South
May 14 - Bus carrying Freedom Riders is fire-bombed on Mother’s Day near Anniston, Alabama
May 17 - Nashville Freedom Riders arrested while waiting for buses in Birmingham
May 21 - After the first group of Freedom Riders is assaulted in Alabama, King addresses a mass rally in Mont
May 24 - Freedom Riders leave Montgomery, arrive in Jackson and arrested
September 22 - Segregation is banned at interstate travel facilities
December 16 - King is arrested with more than 700 Albany protesters
December 18 - Albany city leaders negotiate settlement
January 19 - Protestors force Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, to temporarily shut down
January 23 - CORE launches sit-ins against segregation at University of Chicago campus
March 16 - Four students stage sit-in at office of U.S. Attornery General Robert Kennedy
March 26 - U.S. Supreme Court rules that Tennnessee must abide by the U.S. Constitution
April 3 - Department of Defense orders that military reserve units integrate
April 21 - Agreement is made to end discriminatory hiring practices in Augusta, Georgia supermarkets
July 10 - Ralph Abernathy and King are found guilty of “parading without a license”
July 25 - King calls for Day of Penance to atone for violence
July 27 - Albany city hall prayer vigil ends in arrest
August 10 - King leaves jail in Albany, Georgia, and agrees to halt demonstrations
August 15 - Martin Luther King, Jr. released from jail in Albany
September 10 - James Meredith enrolls at the University of Mississippi
September 26 - James Meredith’s is denied entry into the University of Mississippi
January 13 - Federal troops arrive in Birmingham
January 19 - King talks with the Kennedys
February 6 - King meets with Ford Foundation representative Heald in New York and rejects visit to White House
February 25 - U.S. Supreme Court upholds right to hold public demonstrations in Edwards v. South Carolina
February 28 - President Kennedy proposes civil rights reforms to Congress
March 6 - King participates in Operation Bread Basket protest
March 7 - King criticizes Albany government, attends LA WCLC installation rally
March 28 - Bernice Albertine King is born
April 4 - King gives a press conference to Birmingham residents and and speaks at the evening mass meeting.
April 6 - Civil rights demonstrators stage a prayer protest in Birmingham
April 8 - King asks local pastors for support
April 9 - King asks local professionals for support
April 10 - King declares marching plans, gets injunction against him
April 12 - King and Abernathy are arrested in Birmingham, Alabama
April 13 - King placed in solitary confinement
April 17 - King continues with his letter
April 22 - King appears in Birmingham court
April 25 - King meets with local white ministers
April 26 - King found guilty, speaks at mass meeting
May 1 - King returns to Birmingham for new demonstrations
May 2 - The Children’s Crusade begins in Birmingham
May 3 - Hundreds of black children gather at Sixteenth Street Baptist Church for second march
May 5 - King delivers Birmingham version of ‘’Paul’s Letter to American Christians’’ at EBC
May 9 - King criticizes lack of Federal intervention, reaches agreement on 3 movement demands
May 13 - King urges blacks to stay nonviolent
May 16 - King found guilty of violating city injunction
May 20 - The U.S. Supreme court finds segregation ordinances unconstitutional, making sit-ins legal
June 4 - King requests inquiry into Atlantic Steel hiring practices
June 10 - King criticizes Kennedy, talks over phone with advisors
June 13 - King turns down Kennedy invitation
June 27 - King gives interview with LOOK Magazine
July 8 - King sends telegram to LBJ about St. Augustine
July 13 - King denies Communist ties
July 15 - King urges faith in nonviolence in Birmingham mass meeting
July 16 - King speaks at UN conference on Apartheid
July 22 - King issues ‘Call to Action’
July 25 - King denies Atlanta Constitution story, officially announces O’Dell’s resignation
July 29 - King asks for 1000 volunteers at Birmingham mass meeting
August 9 - King attends emergency planning meeting
August 16 - King denies more Communist allegations
August 21 - King delivers Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution at Chicago
August 27 - King flies to Chicago, goes to DC for March preparation
August 28 - March on Washington
August 29 - King declares direct action campaign
September 5 - King attends Dorchester planning meeting
September 16 - King urges nonviolence repeatedy in Birmingham
September 17 - King blames Wallace in interview for violence
September 18 - King delivers “Eulogy for the Martyred Children”
September 29 - White students withdraw rather than integrate high school
September 30 - King backs down from immediate demonstrations in Birmingham
October 6 - King calls for federal investigation in New Orleans
October 18 - King delivers Facing the Challenge of a New Age at South Bend
November 6 - King delivers lecture at end of two-day nonviolence conference
November 9 - King recieves St. Francis Peace Medal award
November 19 - King receives award, gives message at New York, meets up with Levison
November 22 - President John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas
November 24 - King publishes essay, gives speech in Washington
November 25 - King attends Kennedy funeral, talks to LBJ
December 3 - King talks with President Johnson, then heads to New York
December 15 - King speaks at 4000-person rally in Atlanta park
December 23 - King receives telephone call from President
December 30 - King receives congratulation letters for Time Man of the Year Award
January 18 - King meets with President Lyndon Johnson
January 31 - Louis Allen is shot to death near McComb, Mississippi
March 5 - Martin Luther King leads 10,000 in support of Kentucky state public accommodations law
March 23 - Violence erupts in Jacksonville after a black woman is shot and killed
March 26 - King meets Malcolm X
April 20 - Black students in Cleveland boycott school in protest
April 22 - CORE members demonstrate at the NY World’s Fair
May 25 - The U.S. Supreme Court finds the closing of Prince Edward public schools to be unconstitutional
May 26 - King appeals for outside assistance in St. Augustine, Florida
June 5 - King’s book Why Can’t We Wait is published
June 11 - King is arrested for demanding service at a white-only restaurant
June 18 - Martin Luther King and Ralph Abernathy arrested for protesting segregation at Monson Motor Lodge
June 21 - Three civil rights workers are reported missing in Mississippi
June 25 - Hundreds of whites attack antisegregation march in St. Augustine
July 2 - King attends the signing of the 1964 Civil Rights Act
July 21 - King arrives in Mississippi to assist civil rights effort
August 4 - The bodies of three missing civil rights workers are found in Mississippi
August 20 - President Johnson signs the Economic Opportunity Act
August 22 - King testifies at Democratic convention on behalf of Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party
September 8 - Public schools in Prince Edward County, Virginia, reopen
October 9 - Klan member agrees to testify in the murder of Shwerner, Chaney, and Goodman
December 10 - King Receives Nobel Peace Prize
January 19 - Sixty-two voting rights protesters arrested at Dallas County courthouse in Selma, Alabama
February 1 - King is jailed with more than two hundred others after voting rights march in Selma, Alabama
February 9 - Martin Luther King meets with President Johnson regarding voters’ rights
February 21 - Malcolm X is assassinated in Harlem
March 5 - King and Johnson meet to discuss voting rights act
March 7 - Voting rights marchers are beaten at Edmund Pettus Bridge
March 9 - King leads second attempt at a voting rights march from Selma to Montgomery, Ala.
March 13 - President Johnson denounces the brutality in Alabama in a meeting with governor George Wallace
March 15 - President Johnson addresses Congress in support of a Voting Rights Bill
March 20 - President Johnson federalizes the Alabama National Guard to oversee Selma to Montgomery march
March 25 - Selma to Montgomery March
April 25 - Segregationist Lester Maddox leads 2,000 in march
July 4 - King preaches “The American Dream”
July 17 - King arrives in Los Angeles at the invitation of local groups
July 26 - King leads march to Chicago City Hall and addresses a rally
August 6 - The Voting Rights Act of 1965 is signed into law
August 11 - Massive rioting begins in Watts
December 4 - President Johnson prohibits discrimination in federal aid
January 7 - King announces the start of the Chicago Campaign
January 16 - King applaudes antiwar stance of SNCC activist Julian Bond
February 11 - Kick-off meeting for Operation Breadbasket
June 5 - King preaches “Guidelines for a Constructive Church”
June 6 - James Meredith, who integrated the University of Mississippi in 1962, is wounded
June 7 - King, McKissick and Carmichael continue the “Meredith March Against Fear”
June 16 - Stokely Carmichael ignites controvery by using the phrase “black power”
June 26 - March Against Fear
July 6 - Vice President Hubert Humphrey writes King
July 10 - King leads thousands of protestors from a rally at Soldier’s Field to Chicago’s City Hall
July 15 - Mayor Richard Daley and King announce new programs and initiatives for Chicago blacks
August 5 - Angry whites attack civil rights march through Chicago’s southwest side
August 26 - King arranges “Summit Agreement” with Major R. Daley and other Chicago leaders
September 12 - Black students attacked at integrated school
October 6 - 100th civil rights march in Grenada, Mississippi
October 24 - Demonstrators in Grenada, Mississippi protest harassment
February 25 - King delivers the speech “The Casualties of the War in Vietnam”
April 4 - King delivers his first public antiwar speech, “Beyond Vietnam,” at New York’s Riverside Church
April 9 - King preaches “The Three Dimensions of a Complete Life”
May 22 - At an SCLC staff retreat King calls for a radical redistribution of economic and political power
June 11 - King preaches “A Knock at Midnight”
June 13 - Thurgood Marshall becomes the first African-American to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court
July 26 - National SNCC chairman H. Rap Brown is arrested for inciting riot
July 29 - President Johnson appoints a National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders
August 25 - J. Edgar Hoover begins investigations
August 27 - King preaches “Why Jesus Called a Man a Fool”
October 1 - Wall of Respect dedicated in Chicago
November 7 - Carl Stokes and Richard Hatcher become first black mayors of major U.S. cities
December 4 - King launches the Poor People’s Campaign
January 16 - King announces the Washington Spring Project as part of Poor Peoples Campaign
February 4 - King delivers his “Drum Major Instinct” sermon in Atlanta, Georgia
March 3 - King delivers his “Unfulfilled Dreams” sermon in Atlanta, Georgia
March 18 - King speaks to striking sanitation workers in Memphis
March 23 - King addresses a rally for the Poor People’s Campaign in Augusta, Georgia
March 28 - King leads a solidarity march for the sanitation workers of Memphis
March 31 - King preaches at the National Cathedral in Washington D.C.
April 3 - King delivers his final speech
April 4 - King is assassinated at Lorraine Motel
April 7 - National Day of Mourning to honor King
April 8 - Silent march to honor King, support santitation workers
April 9 - King’s funeral in Atlanta, Georgia
April 16 - Settlement reached in Memphis sanitation workers’ strike
May 23 - African-American poet Henry Dumas is shot and killed by a transit police officer
June 8 - James Earl Ray is arrested and charged with the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr.
August 1 - President Johnson signs Housing and Urban Development Act
September 27 - Huey Newton is sentenced
October 16 - U.S. olympic sprinters give Black Power salute during medal ceremony
November 5 - Shirley Chisholm is elected to U. S. House of Representatives
January 17 - Two leaders of the Black Panther Party are killed at UCLA by US organization members
May 5 - Moneta Sleet, Jr. becomes the first African-American man to win a Pulitzer Prize
June 26 - The Martin Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolent Social Change is founded
October 29 - Supreme Court mandates immediate school desegregation
April 28 - Rear Admiral Samuel L. Gravely is the first African-American to achieve Flag Rank in the Navy
June 14 - The U.S. Supreme Court rules that officials may close swimming pools to avoid desegregating them
June 17 - The U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals orders complete desegregation in 81 Southern school district
September 17 - Illinois becomes the first state to declare King’s birthday a legal holiday
July 25 - The U.S. Supreme court rules against busing as a remedy for segregated schooling

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