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Brochure created by the Council of Federated Organizations
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Brochure created by the Council of Federated Organizations
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This is a six section brochure created by the Council of Federated Organizations, that comprised all the civil rights and local citizenship groups in Mississippi. It informs local citizens about the upcoming freedom summer when college students from all over the country would be coming to teach freedom schools, staff community centers, and assist with voter registration. It encourages the citizens of Mississippi to take advantage of these free services and requests them to help freedom summer succeed by providing housing for the incoming workers, identifying building for schools and community centers, finding students for freedom schools, and inviting COFO members to speak about freedom summer at their meetings. Emphatically stating that “it is the fault of the state” that citizens could not find work, read or write, and send their children to better schools, it reminds them that by working with COFO that aims to fulfill the duties of the state, they would be “working to get [themselves] the better conditions [they] deserve.”

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