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To Martin Luther King, Sr.
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To Martin Luther King, Sr.
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William Gibson was a handyman and a hymn leader at Ebenezer Baptist Church. King, Jr., comments on one of Atlanta's rare snowstorms.

Dear Daddyy

Just a few lines to let you know that I am feeling fine and hope you are the same. We are having some snow and the last report we heard the snow was a {little} more than ten and a half inches and we are really having a fine time makeing snow men and throwing snow balls. And the policemen made everybody clean off their sidewalks and Christine and I cleaned off and it was a hard job. I received your letter and I am glad you liked my typeing. I am keeping the fire burnning but Mr. Gibson had to put some coal im the basement because it gave out. We can not go to {[s]chool} until Monday because it is to bad.

Your truly
[signed] Martin Luther King

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