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To Sankey L. Blanton
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To Sankey L. Blanton
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Although not penned by King, this letter to Blanton applying for a postgraduate fellowship from Crozer was written for him during his last year at Crozer.1 King received a $600 fellowship for his first year (1951-1952) at Boston University.

Dear Dr. Blanton:

I anticipate graduating from Crozer----in May 1951. In the forthcoming academic year I plan to continue my study toward the Doctor of Philosophy in the field of Systematic Theology.
In accordance with my plans, I have made application at the following schools: Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland; Boston University, Boston, Mass, and Yale University, New Haven, Conn. I have {already} been accepted at the former two named schools, however, I have not been accepted at Yale University because I have not yet taken the graduate examination which is a prerequisite for acceptance. (It so happens that Yale University is my preference)
Therefore, in view of the foregoing, and wish to hereby make application for the J. Lewis Crozer Fellowship Grant my inability to pursue work in this field without financial aid, I hereby make application for the J. Lewis Crozer Fellowship Grant.
Your favorable consideration of this matter will be highly appreciate. I remain


M. L. King

HLd. MLKP-MBU: Box 116, folder 49.

1. Sankey Lee Blanton (1898-1974) earned an A.B. at Wake Forest College (1925), a Th.M. at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (1929), and an S.T.M. degree at Andover Newton Theological Seminary (1931). He served at Baptist churches in New Haven, Connecticut; and Wilmington, North Carolina. Blanton was dean of the school of religion at Wake Forest from 1946 to 1950, when he became president of Crozer. He remained there until 1962, when he became director of public relations at Meredith College in Raleigh, North Carolina.
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