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From Ebenezer Baptist Church
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From Ebenezer Baptist Church
Atlanta, Ga.
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Ebenezer Baptist Church leaders inform King that the congregation voted unanimously to request that he join his father as co-pastor. King replied two days later.1

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
309 South Jackson
Montgomery, Alabama

Dear Doctor King:

The Ebenezer Baptist Church met in a called business meeting on November 16. The item on the agenda was the consideration of a recommendation brought by the Trustee Board and the Board of Deacons that you would be extended a call to Ebenezer Baptist Church as active Co Pastor. The recommendation was read and accepted unanimously by the church.

We are therefore extending to you a call to come to Ebenezer Baptist Church to become the Co Pastor with Dr. M. L. King, Sr.

Please advise us as to your decision, and also, let us know when we may expect you in a business meeting with the official Board and the Church.

We would appreciate a reply at your earliest possible convenience.

Yours truly,
[signed] P. 0. Watson
P. 0. Watson, Church Clerk2

[signed] Robert J. Collier
Robert J. Collier, Acting Chmn.
Board of Deacons3

[signed] J. H. Reese
J. H. Reese, Chmn. Trustee Board4

[signed] M. L. King Sr
M. L. King, Sr., Pastor

TU.MLKP-MBU: Box 24.

1. See pp. 326-327 in this volume.
2. Peter 0.Watson (1883-1967) was an insurance salesman.
3. Robert J. Collier (1913-1983) was a real estate agent.
4. John Horton Reese (1892-1982) was a self-employed salesman.

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